Where to find circusnext laureates in 2022

Several 2020-2021 circusnext laureates will be on stage at the beginning of the year!

Julian Vogel with the show "China Series", at the Circus Next 2021 presentations in Paris.
© Milan Szypura

Check out the upcoming dates for the 2020-2021 circusnext laureates, who will be performing their current shows or premiering in the coming months.


Julian Vogel – China Series 📷 
13-14/01 • Neubad, Luzern, CH
Inbal Ben Haim – PLI
07-08/01 • CDN, Orléans, FR
EDO Cirque – Estetica Dell’Orso
Elena Zanzu – EZ
21-22/03 • C¡CAF, Copenhague, DA