Johan Bichot in a circusnext residency in Paris

circusnext invites Johan Bichot (Octobre 82 company) for a residency from November 16 to 26, 2022.

2014 circusnext laureate with Z Machine company – he’s working on his new creation Glissement at RueWATT* for a residency from November 16 to 26, 2022.
*RueWATT, artistic factory of the Coopérative De Rue et De Cirque
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“It is a circus dance performance inspired by the text Sans by Samuel Beckett, published in Têtes-Mortes in 1967. This text nourished my reflection on the theme of singularity and constitutes a support for the conception of the scenic landscape which takes shape during the piece.
At the same time destitute, voluntary and always in search of balance, the character I play works relentlessly to stand up, to stand upright. The spectator is invited to be the intimate witness of this quest for verticality, both tiny and titanic, where each gesture carries the density of a pure present, centered on the accomplishment of the essential.”
J. Bichot
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BIO / Johan Bichot trained at the ENACR and then at the Fratellini school where he created two pieces: Wackyland and Arena in 2007 and 2008. In 2009 he worked as an acrobat in Italy in Arturo Brachetti’s music hall Gran Varieta. Between 2010 and 2011 he dances in different projects, notably at the Opera in La flûte enchantée (directed by Jean-Paul Scarpitta), then alongside choreographer Josef Nadj in the piece Cherry Brandy and with the Ben Aïm brothers in L’Ogresse. In 2012 he collaborated with the artist Netty Radvanyi on two projects with the Fresnoy school, a circus show Striptyque written around the painter Francis Bacon and then L’ombre de Salah, a short film that he co-wrote and in which he plays. In 2014,  he is laureate of the circusnext program with Netty Radvanyi and the show Brut featuring a horse named Arto.
In 2015 and 2017 he acted as a theater actor in the plays of Guillaume Barbot Nuit (adaptation of the film The Night of the Hunter, public prize at the Impatience festival) and Amour.
Between 2018 and 2020 he works as an interpreter alongside Christian Rizzo in his play Une maison and with the Ben Aïm brothers in the show Facéties. In 2022/2023 he will join the Ben aïm brothers again for their next project, currently being created.
In partnership with the Coopérative De Rue and De Cirque/RueWATT.