Cirko Sapiens & Cirkuliacija Festival

Teatronas is an abnormal theatre company that constantly seeks to redefine the notion of theatre, sensitive social problems, and well known classical stories. The main goal of the company is authenticity rather than artistic innovation, that is why the company can proudly say that it became the most sincere version of itself. This version directly reflects the oxymorons of our contemporary world that are converted into the company’s productions: humane cynicism, the hurry to stop and think, journey into the discovery of self, to hurt in the name of love and chasing dreams by doing other jobs. This main mission leads the company to progress, gives motivation and the feeling of the absurdity of our actions, that is much needed in order to create our shows.

Cirkuliacija Festival

The International festival of contemporary circus Cirkuliacija is a platform that breaks stereotypes about the circus and becomes a meeting point to discuss, share experiences and learn from each other. The festival in non-traditional urban spaces presenting a variety of contemporary circus disciplines, performances and artistic views from Lithuania and abroad is seen as a collaborative process in which the presence of each person creates a new meaning.

Cirko Sapiens

The main activity of the centre is the continuous contemporary circus education for people from age 5 and up, as well as for adults. Circus Sapiens teachers are young and professional contemporary circus artists who have just graduated: Kęstas Matusevičius, Lyla Goldman (USA), Aino Mäkipää (Finland) and Džiugas Kunsman, who is already well known to the Kaunas public. Children from 5 to 18 years of age are invited to participate in the general circus curriculum, and adults, whether they have any experience or not, are invited to study individual disciplines in the evenings: aerial acrobatics (silk, trapeze, rope), group/pair acrobatics, acro-dance, juggling and Chinese pole techniques.