Le GdRA was founded in 2005 by the author, director and musician Christophe Rulhes and the acrobat and choreographer Julien Cassier. In 2010, le GdRA was invited in the 64th Avignon festival. In 2013, the collective created “Vifs” in the framework of the European capital of Culture in Marseille. In 2014, “Sujet” is the final piece of the “Le Tryptique de la Personne” that began in 2007 with “Singularités ordinaires”, followed by “Nour” in 2010.

Since 2007, in the framework of a cycle of theatre called “Les Experts du Vécu”, Christophe Rulhes and Julien Cassier created about ten performances, installations, museographies linked by a inquiry on very specific territories and partners. They also lead “Pour une belle Diplomatie”, a workshop dedicated to transmission and knowledge exchanges and regularely exchange with researchers as Bruno Latour or Joëlle Zask. Christophe Rulhues, graduated from EHESS in sociology and anthropology is often invited in the University – EHESS, Sciences Po Paris / SPEAP, Sorbonne nouvelle – to explore the links between arts / sciences and theatre / humanities. In 2014, le GdRA began a new serie of pieces called “La Guerre des Natures” with the first part “LENGA”, writing about the abandon of language and “DAVI K.”, theatrical portray of a shaman horticulturist from Amazonia.

Le GdRA knits its writings with the patience of an entomologist and the attentive and exhilarating eye of a surprised ethnographer. Le GdRA meets, shoots and directs people. It takes them from the real to the theatrical fiction and the performance on stage, and looks for the fiction inside any ordinary situation, describes the everyday life through investigation, reflects on biography and fantastic, for an anthropological theatre, a people theatre, a real fiction.