La Boca Abierta

Anne and Lior. Lior and Anne. T
hey are two, two women, inseparable and deeply dissimilar. Two sisters or two lovers.
The stage is naked, empty. The essential: the presence, the present moment, being here. It is the improvisation that creates the surprise, the movement.
Balancing on the shaky stage, they are on the look-out for the slightest breath, detail or the event that makes them play.
Playing with distances. Finding the “just” distance from each other. To be in the center alone, or to compose which each other. The game of being together: being at one point or the contrary to fade away , as far as possible without letting the stage collapse. Counterweight and counterpoint, “the balance of the opposites”.
According to the occasions, who will be the masculine or the feminine, the strong or the weak, the chicken or the egg? The powerless dictator or the voluntary slave, the narcissistic comforter or the inconsolable, the sensitive soul or the idiot… And the contrary, because nothing is fixed, everything is in permanent transformation: no moral or established roles, all we need is to keep the stage playful and alive.
Taking the risk of the disaster because it’s funny. And then to survive again the sinking of the stage, taking over everything around, or letting happen the fragile poetry of disaster. Still there is something we can be sure of that allows us to suspend the pitching of a the shaky boat, some songs they choose according to their mood.