Shortlisted 2018-2019


murmur est une composition sonore acrobatique multi-sensorielle qui explore les croisements et les transgressions de l’homme-animal-chose.

murmur is a multi-sensory acrobatic sound composition that explores crossings and transgressions of man-animal-thing.

With this project for young audiences, Grensgeval seeks to create a circus performance that blurs the boundaries between man, nature and objects.

​In the public, small speakers are arranged in backpacks worn by children. On stage, the circus artist also manipulates loudspeakers broadcasting natural noises, creating a spatial and moving sound composition, in which the audience takes part. The performer evolves through this universe and looks for its own limits and (im)possibilities of transformation, with aerial straps and acrobatics on the ground as language.

This research feeds the imagination of the public. The viewer soon becomes an instrument in a composition, an animal in a flock, or an individual in a group. Or maybe all at once.