Eliška Brtnická



Shortlisted 2018-2019


Fusion of a photo exhibition and a circus performance.

Eliška Brtnická proposes in this project to observe the feelings of the photographer at the moment he fixes a moment, and more particularly those of her brother, Vojtěch. To photograph shows, he has established his own shooting rules: no flash, no post-production, be invisible and imperceptible, just to capture the moment. An unknown instant, because before photographing it, he never reads the summary of a performance.

The term “photography”, with its Greek roots, can be defined etymologically as “drawing with light”. Through the light the exhibition can melt in one with a show.

In the age of smartphones, perhaps we see the world around us through the framework of an already composed image, seeking the best point of view. But there are so many points of view that this relativity makes you dizzy … At the same time, there is a body trying to find its own form, trying to understand its own substance in 3D. What is the point of view of the body? The artist lets the public choose their own “photos” in this performance where the public circulates in an aesthetic and performative universe.