Camille Paycha

Ice Skates And Other Cruelties


Laureate 2020-2021


Ice Skates And Other Cruelties consists in a choreography for one human body and glass which explores the following questions:

How can one thing be two things at the same time? In other words, how to escape binary thinking?
How can a material extend the reach that human consciousness has of its environment?
How do we survive under the layers of crap that cover us? Will making them visible destroy them?

In Ice Skates And Other Cruelties you will see smooth moves and sharp glass. You may also see sharp moves and smooth glass. Hopefully a carved body will slice the glass. We will try to avoid that carved glass slices the body.

This performance, which takes place on a synthetic ice rink, draws the lines of an ever-changing landscape where something cruel can find its poetry and something beautiful can reveal its full violence. Behind her layers of glass, Camille Paycha aims at triggering our collective imagination by creating space, both literally and figuratively.