Baro d'Evel Cirk Cie

The projects of Baro d’Evel always spring from an impulse towards the improbable on the dividing line between intimacy and achievement.

The languages of Baro d’Evel are movement, acrobatics, lifts; from the involvement of the body and daily training arise the avenues of research. It is also matter and the object through manipulation, diversion, always with a look towards simplicity rather than ostentation. The starting point of the show is often a strong scenographic choice, an interrogation on the place of the audience in the space. Rythm, voice and sound play an important part in the writing process(work ) so as to place musicality at the center of action and so as to create a direct ans sensitive link.

During the creations it is a matter of letting the imperfections of the body in action, its interior bubbling, its fragile excesses come out.It is also a matter of embodying beings who improvise themselves, adapt themselves, being instinctively simple and deeply surprising while evoking roles, states rather than characters.

Baro d’evel likes to search in oppositions, in cracks, in in-betweens, in passages, these places of transformation where one becomes another, where absurdity relieves us from meaning. Because it is these paradoxes, these frictions which endanger and open doors. Then there is the presence of the animal, the horses are part of the company’s life and work, this approach pushes further the questionning on animality, identity, the horse awakens instinct, the sense of improvisation, he pushes the artist as well as the audience in an « here and now ».