AKYS Projecte

The company is questioning, from a physical perspective, the social and economic context of a flourishing management which makes it so difficult for people to live and work together in a state of permanent “competition.”

In this age of throwaway executives, off-side over-fifties and growing ranks of trainees of “the low-cost generation” (those aged between 18 and 35), such words and phrases as mobility, flexibility, getting back on one”s feet again are constantly bandied about-ideal qualities, to be sure, for a dancer or an acrobat.

This inspired us with a desire to scrutinize the job-market and today”s business world, as well as the kind of values it promotes, taking advantage of the freedom and fresh perspective afforded by our specific tools. It is a way for us to ponder this ever shifting, ever accelerating capitalism with its new methods of work organization which are currently being imposed on all and sundry.

We have attempted to examine the plausible movements of this “bondless man” acting as an autonomous entity, as if he were a small society all by himself, striking up relationships based on negotiations, contracts, power struggles with other individuals or one-member societies. A bondless man he is, for bonds are so fragile, so unreliable that no long-term commitment is conceivable.

It takes two to establish a relationship, but to break it, one person”s initiative is enough. Who will be the first to break the relationship and be on his/her way? That is the question which is preying on everybody’s mind today, giving rise to a general feeling of fear and insecurity. There is no need for an army or a surveillance system to enforce order and submission, job insecurity will do that just fine.

All this we know. What we don”t know is how to create and share with others in a playful, physical mode, which can account for a world where the whole system hangs upon employability, this new standard against which people are now being benchmarked and graded. This we don”t know but hope to find out. So, time to get down to work.