circusnext is a European circus label: the creators selected by a European jury stand out for their singularity and creativity. Their art works question us, jostle us, enchant us, move us.

circusnext is also the “Europe of circus”: a platform of about thirty partners from 17 countries who gather around founding values – the identification of unique talents, support to emergence and creation, European cooperation.

circusnext thus proposes a European program of support for creation and diffusion to emerging contemporary circus authors identified for their singular writings.

  • 9 cycles of identification and support for emerging authors since 2001
  • more than 85 emerging companies identified (more than 700 authors of more than 30 nationalities) since 2001
  • between 120 and 150 applications from all over Europe during each call for projects
  • forty or so creation residencies hosted each year in some fifteen European countries
  • public presentations of the laureate creators at Théâtre de la Cité internationale in Paris gathering between 150 and 200 international professionals for each edition
  • 60 or so touring dates (works-in-progress and finalized shows) each year in some 20 international countries
  • thirty or so partners (creation and touring venues, festivals, etc.) from 17 European countries
  • international professional and artistic exchanges (Mediterranean area, Brazil, Madagascar, Japan, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, Quebec …)
  • a territorial anchorage in Paris and its region (Île-de-France)

Born out of the fact that emerging artists and companies have real difficulties in their creative process, the circusnext project aims at identifying these new creators and encouraging the emergence of new writings in the field of circus arts. Considered to be one of the most important support programs for emerging authors and creators in this sector, circusnext asserts its goal of supporting and assisting artistic creation and the circulation of artists.

Over the years, circusnext has become an essential program for the development of contemporary circus and the recognition of circus as an art in its own right. The supported artists distinguish themselves by the richness and originality of their aesthetic approaches, as well as their appetite to experiment.