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circusnext PLaTFoRM

circusnext PLaTFoRM 2019-2021 Application
European program of identification and support for emerging creators

circusnext PLaTFoRM 2019-2021

A European program that aims at identifying singular and creative emerging circus creators
and at supporting their creation processes and touring opportunities

Application deadline: June 7, 2019 at noon (12:00) GMT+1  


Before you apply, please read carefully this document and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at +33 1 43 40 48 60 or


1/ Timeline of circusnext platform and selection process
2/ What does it mean to be supported within the circusnext program?
3/ On which criteria are projects and creators selected?
4/ Can I apply with my project?
5/ How can I apply to the 2019-2021 edition: online process & compulsory attachments.
6/ I need help – contact details


1/ Timeline of circusnext platform selection process

Closing of Open Call: Friday, June 7 at noon (12:00) GMT+1
National Selections: from mid-June to Sept. 30, 2019
European pre-selection (on written applications): Nov. 14-15, 2019
Selection Week (on stage): May 11-16, 2020
Laureates Public Presentations in Paris: Jan. 21-23, 2021


2/ What does it mean to be supported within the circusnext program?  

  • Support throughout your creation process with: creation residencies, work-in-progress presentations, follow-up by circusnext team and platform members.
  • High visibility, networking and touring opportunities.
  • A creation grant and public presentations in Paris (for laureates only)


3/ On which criteria are projects and creators selected?
Selection criteria

Originality & singularity of the project
Coherence and relevance of the project
Quality of the performance skills
Ability to bring the project to fruition


4/ Can I apply with my project?
Eligibility & emergence criteria


Who can apply

  • emerging circus creators (see details below)
  • residents in Europe and over 18 years old
  • individuals or company (no legal structure required when applying)
  • not currently studying in a circus school (but no circus degree required)
  • previous laureates of Jeunes Talents Cirque / circusnext awards are not eligible (circusnext 2018-2019 shortlisted are not eligible either)

What projects

  • a circus creation in progress
  • no premiere planned in Europe before the Public Presentations in Paris

Where can one apply

  • only in one European country listed here
  • in the country where the project is most ”rooted”

Note on candidates’ availabilities

  • Candidates should be available for the selection week in Neerpelt and the Public Presentations in Paris
  • Shortlisted creators will be asked to present a short work-in-progress for the selection week

Applicants can apply:

  • with first or second professional creation if you apply in France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands
  • with first, second or third professional creation if you apply in all other eligible European countries

  Applicants must:

  • not have received any important creation subsidy from a public body for any of their creation(s)
  • not have toured significantly at European/international level with their previous creation(s)

🔺Emergence criteria apply to all artists considered as creators of the creation project. An ensemble with one artist/creator considered as non-emerging would be ineligible.
🔺An outside eye who is not emerging and who is an actual co-creator makes the whole project ineligible.


5/ How can I apply to the 2019-2021 edition?
Online process & compulsory attachments


The application is an online process.

The online form and the compulsory attachments have to be in English and uploaded through the circusnext website (see full “Recommendations to apply”).

All applications are centralized through the circusnext website and redistributed among circusnext platform members for the national selections.

If your country of residence does not appear in the platform member list, you can still apply if you reside in one of the European countries listed here. Your application will be studied by one of the national selection committees.

Deadline anticipation: After the deadline set on June 7, 2019 at noon (12:00) GMT+1, the submission system will be blocked and we will not be able to consider your application. We strongly recommend that you submit your application in advance of the deadline to make sure that there are no technical problems. If you encounter any problem, please contact us by email ( before the deadline.



  • General information given through the online form on circusnext website
  • The PDF application form to complete in English and save as NAME OF THE PROJECT_NAME OF PROJECT LEADER
  • A link to a video showing your research work on the project you are applying with. A box in the PDF application form is provided so you can copy the link.
    This video must be shot with a fixed camera, with no editing, and must last 5 minutes max.
  • Your provisional calendar from now until January 2021 including the periods when:

• you are working on the project you are applying with
• you are working on other artistic projects
• you are available for circusnext support (residencies, touring)

*If you apply in France, you must attach 2 PDF application forms: one in English and one in French. If you are shortlisted for the French national selection, you will be invited to show your research leads on stage and for an interview with the jury in Paris on September 6 and 7, 2019. If you are not available, please contact us before applying, so we can discuss another option for you to be still able to go through the selection.



Optional attachments can be uploaded: artistic dossier, link to a video where you pitch the project you are applying for in 3 to 4 minutes, CVs /full biographies, research elements (such as research notes, story boards, drawings…), photos, links to other videos of your current project and/or of previous work, budget, etc…

6/ I need help – contact details

Do not hesitate to contact the circusnext team while preparing your application or the nearest Platform Member to your country listed here.
Our contact details: • 01 43 40 48 60.

Good luck on your application!